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Fearless Real Estate Service

Recently, two things happened that got me thinking about what it means to provide fearless service.

First, a friend of mine who teaches and coaches caught up with me at back-to-school night to thank me for referring him to my chiropractor. After years of suffering with pain his old chiropractor couldn’t alleviate, he was thrilled that Dr. Jay got in there and made the adjustments he so desperately needed. My friend emphasized that his old doctor barely touched him. Dr. Jay, on the other hand, had complete confidence in his own abilities to diagnose and treat and fearlessly moved into the solution.

Second, I finally found a new hairstylist. And when I threw at her, “Casey, you’re the Master – you tell me what to do with color and cut!” she jumped right in, asked probing questions, made recommendations, and proceeded to give me the best cut and highlight I’ve ever had.

So of course, this led me to contemplate how each of us is approaching our respective businesses. When a customer asks for your professional opinion or support, are you holding back? Or do you boldly go and give them your best? I know I expect my real estate agent to be fearless. Speak up and tell me what’s going on. Tell me if I’m being unreasonable on price. Tell me if you anticipate I may regret this property.

To be a master in the real estate industry, associate yourself with the masters. Join us for the next Mastery Workshop!

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