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Coaching Endorsements

Real Estate Masters Guild coaching and consulting clients have plenty to say about their experiences:


John Rowley, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Coach

"My coach exemplifies what a trusted, caring professional is. She is a servant who has a passion for helping others to be their best! My coach is not only a close friend but she is on my short list of professionals that I call on when I need answers… fast."

John Rowley, International Speaker, Trainer, Author and Coach, Peak Performance Lifestyle


“My coach is the real deal!  Her vast brokerage experience, combined with her great personality and infectious laugh, made it very easy to open up to her about what I was lacking in my business.  We had a great time.  She has a laser-sharp ability to zone in on my business needs –as well as my personal needs for a balanced career/family.

My business soared to company top producer every year since. And even more importantly, we stay in touch as friends! I have had several ‘coaches’ over the years, but she is by far at the top of her game and she cares very passionately about everyone she meets.  I encourage anyone thinking seriously about improving their life and career to “Just Do It!”      

– Gay Puckett, JBGOODWIN REALTORS, Austin, TX   www.GayPuckett.com


"My coach is one of the most caring and creative business and life coaches out there. She delivers innovative, 'outside-the-box' suggestions to help create a thriving business model combined with a balanced personal life — all with a great sense of humor. She is the 'real deal'."

– Ken Montville, MD http://www.mdsuburbanhomes.com/



Kellee Heldoorn real estate professional top producer Southlake TX"Coaching changed my life – for good! I was at a point in my life that I knew I needed change, but didn’t know where to go and what to do.
My coach helped me realize that everything was about choice. I discovered I have control over everything in my life. Because of her support I achieved all the goals I established during the coaching process – I lost 80 pounds, I sold my business and moved to start a new business, and I even vacationed in Europe.
I feel like I’m a completely different person. I communicate in a much more effective way. I consciously choose my words and actions. I have developed the ability to take on a professional mediator role rather than get caught up in one side of an exchange.
Don’t wait another day. Hire a coach right now – it will be your best decision yet!"

– Kellee Heldoorn, TX www.heldoornteam.com

"Richard Waugh real estate professional top producer St. Petersburg FLJust a note to let you know how much I look forward to our counseling/coaching sessions! You are always upbeat, and that sure is great on my down days. Having someone with your knowledge of the industry and other producing agents is what I need to get me kick started. I appreciate your personal knowledge, experience, and the experiences that you have had with other agents because it brings more into focus in my career, and helps in my personal life to know that others are in the same place and what they are doing about it.

In my other coaching, it was a life coach that didn’t have knowledge of Real Estate or sales, and therefore I felt like I was constantly missing a link or connection when I finished with my session. It is important to be able to fit several pieces together sometimes, and that is something you do very well! Thanks again for the Ideal Week grid, I am using it, and surprising enough, for me it works.

Keep up the good work always, and know that if I can help change someone’s life, you’re just a phone call away for them!"

– Richard Waugh, www.robandrichard.com

Cynthia Burke real estate professional top producer Richmond CA"My coach is non-threatening, brilliant, loving, and experienced in many areas. She enabled me to gain clarity on what the questions were, making it much easier to find answers!! I feel strength and confidence after her wise counsel, and my business is moving forward."
Cynthia Burke, www.CynthiaBurke.com 



Brett Ellis real estate professional top producer Ft. Myers FL“I decided to get coached because it offered me a new solution and a new way of looking at things other than just business ideas. What I learned from the whole coaching experience was that while I knew a lot about what other top stars were using in their own business, I knew sometimes I was in my own way and holding myself back in certain areas. My coach immediately zeroed in on those areas and showed me how to get out of my own way. Additionally, she offered me an alternative view to the way I look at life's experience, and I can say now that things bother me a lot less, and I realize what's really important in life and in business.

This has freed up much stress, and made the decision-making process much easier for me. Now I don't discount ideas as quickly, and it helps me pull the trigger on ideas I might have otherwise found a way why they couldn't work. My coach helped me define and stay in touch with the core values that make me who I am, and being in touch with yourself is such a rewarding experience in and of itself. Coaching is truly one of the best decisions I've made in my life, and I'd recommend it to anyone.”

Brett Ellis, www.topagent.com



Bill Spicher real estate professional top producer Exton PA“I have been a full time real estate agent for many years but my business continued to be erratic, one good year followed by a bad one. When I went looking for a coach to help me end this cycle, my coach put her finger on the problem immediately. 

With her guidance, I created procedures for all repeating activities, and then automated almost everything. This not only made my business easier to manage, but freed up a great deal of time.

The true test of the systems came this past year though. I needed to spend considerable time away from the business to deal with a number of situations in my personal life, but my business continued to function with almost negligible input from me during this time. Without my coach’s help putting everything together, this would never have been possible. I cannot thank her enough.”

Bill Spicher, www.billspicherhomes.com

Tami Spaulding real estate professional top producer Ft. Collins CO“I was frustrated and at a loss as to why my team wasn’t more proactive. I felt I had to oversee everything. My consult helped me discover key shifts in my Leadership approach that would improve the effectiveness of working with my team. My team is now empowered, I have more balance in my life, and we get more done in less time. Who wouldn’t want that? Hiring [your REMG consultant] is a no-brainer.”
– Tami Spaulding, www.talk2tami.com


Christine Sanders real estate professional top producer Denver CO“This showed up in my life just in time—I was burning the candle at both ends, and even in the middle. I was generating well over $1 million GCI and I had no life and no sense of self. After going through the process, I discovered the power of choice, walked away with a clear vision of where I wanted to be with my life, and started on a path of significant, lasting, positive change.
I finally realize I can have everything I want—I found the love of my life; my husband and I launched a business from zero in a new market, and in our third year closed over 400 transactions. We also started a family and I’ve even found time and passion for hobbies! If you fear change, don’t enroll, because this WILL be life-changing.
Thank you for showing me the way. Everyone should invest in this program.”
– Christine Sanders, www.sandersassociatesinc.com